Why should you need a Custom WordPress Theme Development?

WordPress Theme customization is a very important part of your business website. It should resonate with your product and the brand image.

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When customers visit your website, they subconsciously know what your product is like. This helps you sell your product, and hence, you need to invest time and money into it.

As mentioned above, your website is the face of your business. If the face is attractive and sends out positive vibes, more people would be attracted to it. And it would be easy for you to become a dominant brand in your sector.

However, WordPress New Theme Development requires time and money, so let’s look at some more advantages.

  • If your website subconsciously sends a message to the visitor, we are here to help you fix your issue. The client would be convinced even before he finds the details of your product and is more likely to choose you over your rivals.

  • Technology is advancing at a fast pace; you can use this speed to grow your business. You just need to hire a top WordPress Theme Development Services like us, and you would be miles ahead of your business.

  • Ambition is a feeling that spreads around quickly and helps build trust among people. Whenever an ambitious guy reveals his plan to you, you are mesmerizing by him. Similarly, an ambitious website can also build trust between business and customer.

  • Every business has it’s USP, whether it is their product feature, business model, or anything else. The most effective way to reveal these things is through Custom Theme development. So, that they shine more than the usual things.

Why should you choose us for your WordPress Theme development in India?

There are many top WordPress theme development companies in India who have years of experience and have a top team like us. However, there are a few things which give us the edge over the others.

We are very flexible in our approach in order to satisfy your needs and work in your budget and time constraint. Plus, we won’t compromise on the quality while working in these constraints. Your website would still have Graphics and designing as per your choice with a unique look.

Other than this, we can install any third-party applications and widgets easily. Also, we will set up your CMS and even give you a training tutorial so that you understand the process, and it is easy for you to update in the future.

Concept to prototype in 21 days

What are our four pillars of a project?

Any Theme Development in WordPress project is structured around our four pillars of success.


There is a direct line set up between our developers and your think tank. So that idea is easily discussed, and a creative bubble is created.


Businesses often get paranoid when they aren’t involved in the loop. We have no such problem as we keep the entire project transparent for you to see at any moment.


It is very important that both sides are able to say and grasp each other ideas. Hence, we give our developers training in effective communication.


No partnership can thrive without trust in any field. We initiate trust by taking the first step waiting for you to move one step closer to us.

Key areas of expertise

WordPress theme development is a very vast field; our developers can work on Bespoke WordPress Theme Development or Timber Wordpress development in India, which are very rare. Other areas of expertise are:

WordPress theme changes

If you are stuck with a WordPress theme, which you aren’t a big fan of. There you don’t need to worry much as we can create a custom theme for your website and then load it on the current website without any hassle.

WordPress theme Update

At the end of the day, WordPress theme also comes under software, and it needs updates before it starts glitching. We here at Developers App India can stop this incident by working on an update for your WordPress theme.

End-to-end Solution

If you are looking for more than just theme update and want WP Development Company development or anything else. We can help you with our end-to-end solution, which includes everything that a business website needs.

Integrate Payment gateway

It is very difficult to decide which payment gateway is secured and competent enough for your website. Well, our years of experience have taught us the pros and cons of payment gateway and how to integrate them easily.

SEO integrated solution

We mentioned earlier that you could develop an SEO-friendly website using Magento. However, these tools are of no use if you are unaware of how to use them to your advantage and create an SEO-friendly website. Well, if so, we can help you with this matter.

WordPress Web Design

Web design isn’t limited to an attractive color combination and few known designs. Our team will make you fluent in navigation by creating passages for your visitors. So, your WordPress website has a soothing and extraordinary user interface design.

We LOVE working on Wordpress. It's our strength

We are passionate about what we do and love to keep ourselves posted with new technologies stacks. Here are a few technologies that keep us hooked:

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