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As recently lauded in the Google for India 2020 event, every business in India must be online to move towards a completely digital economy.

So, it’s going to be mandatory for every small, medium, and big scale businesses to own a website.

As it is, across the world, WordPress websites still have dominance. Therefore, having a website through the WordPress platform is entirely beneficial.

There are certain advantages that business owners and managers interested in the creation and management of the sites can reap from the WordPress platform.

However, only the creation of the site is not enough. Business runners must have regular involvement in the WordPress website maintenance services as well. To simply put, a website is a digital product.

Every digital product needs supervision, clearance, authenticity, safety, and secure covers against online crimes or threats.

The WordPress maintenance experts working with Wordpress Development Company India can provide you the seamless band of such services. After careful consultation and query sessions, if you are convinced, you can start focusing on your business's key performing activities.

That’s possible because you leave the cumbersome task of managing the business sites from the backend to our team. Our team ensures to provide you with crisp, transparent, and updated information on the maintenance, us being the best WordPress maintenance company in India.

What Is WordPress Development Company Offering When It Comes To WordPress Site Maintenance?

To get your WordPress site working better and fine at every hour of the day, reach us, and you will never have to be in the dark. While working with our WordPress maintenance India team, you are always up-to-date about the services and support we have over and around your website on WordPress.

With this magnitude of transparency, our team and yours can work closely together for the overall development and the maintenance of your site on WordPress. You can then put your expertise on the ultimate expansion of your businesses across different markets.

You can say, we offer your confidence, comfort, and calm with the regular, affordable, and on-time maintenance of WordPress website on which you are running your existing business.

However, the pillars of our goodwill and rapport in the market are:

  • Get personal assistance

    Never be left unbeknownst to the latest updates, service and maintenance, and updates required for your site to attract more customers. With the different service and support packages you choose from our team, you can easily reach us whenever you want on the call or remote access.

    This way, our WordPress website maintenance team is always on-call to offer needed assistance related.

  • We run the best security scans for your site

    Security is equally essential for the growing business site. As soon as you are developing, there will be multiple threats to your websites from one corner or another. There will be chances of people adding your website link to the spammy sites or collecting pingbacks unnecessary for black hat SEO.

    But there’s nothing to worry about because being amongst the best WordPress maintenance companies in India, we know how to tackle such situations effortlessly. We run those security and broken link tests regularly. We ensure that your site’s SEO is in check, whether off-the-page or on-the-page.

  • Get regular updates on your sites without worry

    Your website will update itself regularly when it comes to the maintenance services which we offer. You won’t have to worry whether your business site is up and running or not. Besides that, we notify you about each update upon solicitation from your team.

    Otherwise, instead of micromanaging, we can hand over multiple reports—weekly or monthly—stating the updates that took place onto your website under our supervision.

  • We will have your site’s back-ups ready and measured

    Every WordPress site that we develop or handle is completely secure. That’s because we are always keeping the timely back-ups for our client’s website on WordPress under control.

    We let our clients, like you, know about the back-ups. So, you won’t be confused about anything that’s running at the backend of your business site.

    Moreover, these back-ups we measure and capture are necessary for your site. It protects your site when any attack from the third party goes out of control, and you end losing any or all content at once.

    Though, with the website maintenance WordPress services we offer through the back-up, you got nothing to be worried about. Within minutes or hours, depending upon the complexity of the attack or the troubleshooting, WordPress Development Company team runs your site live effortlessly.

Keep your website up and running

Why Should You Trust On WordPress Development Company Maintenance Services?

We are an experienced team with over a decade’s worth of experience in WordPress and website maintenance. Our team is full of developers, quality analysts, programmers, and creative directors when it comes to WordPress website maintenance services.

With our expertise, your site is going to be live around the clock. We protect you against possible threats. We even consult you with proper and immediate maintenance services that should be applied to your site.

More than that, we can develop customised wordpress pricing packages for the timely maintenance of the WordPress website you want us to take control of from the backend.

WordPress Development Company team members have worked closely with 100+ website runners, owners, and businessmen in India for years. Many of us are aware of the latest trends, settings, plugins, and updates necessary for different niches. Handling your website belonging to a super niche or an anti-niche won’t be a hassle for any of us. 

We are a dedicated team with curious minds and experience. Thus, your site is always in the safest hands when you trust us.

Many of our previous clients and customers have already tagged as the most creative, effortless, and productive WordPress maintenance company in India.

All your site’s maintenance needs are kept on top priority for the team assigned to you by WordPress Development Company.

Areas We Are Experts In For The Regular Website Maintenance

Let your WordPress website be the latest version of itself with each plugin and update we roll out.

Necessary themes & back-up for the development of your site

Every site needs themes and back-up facilities when it comes to WordPress maintenance. Our experts are always searching, testing, and evaluating the themes and the back-up procedures to conduct on your site with utmost ease and security.

Optimisation of the available website content

Simply uploading the content on your website doesn’t do the job well for you. To sustain in the market, your website content needs thorough perusal regularly. 

We do that on your behalf—correcting and updating the old content, removing the spam content, updating the images, and removing the unused material.

On-call scheduled assistance for you

You might be curious and confused about the updates related to your site. But when you work with our WordPress maintenance India team, this won’t be an issue.

We always keep you on track with the updates. You can also request us to schedule the call. Then, we can easily explain the tasks we are or will be performing on your site.

Setup Google Analytics for your website

Make the most use of the free analytical services provided by Google. With the use of the Google Analytics registered onto your website’s account, you would know the real-time information about the traffic, conversion rate, bounce rate, and customer behaviour.

Scan the entire website for malware, broken links, or other errors

With the regular WordPress maintenance services, we ensure that your site is not full of any errors. These errors might be conclusive of any malware attack, viruses, ransomware, bugs, corrupt files, and broken links. Without treating these issues, the site’s actual SEO score suffers.

We prevent this from happening from the beginning with constant watch over the errors that might take place. If there are any, we deal with it on-the-spot.

Download the latest plugins suitable for the best SEO and performance of your site

Through the expert WordPress website maintenance services, we know which plugins will work fine for your site. We also know which plugins to remove and update.

This way, your site’s on-the-page SEO score evolves combined with the total user experience and performance throughout every modern mobile device.

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