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For developing an effective web project the effective communication plays a vital role in order to proceed the project according to the requirement. There are many terms that should be known by the person in order to handle the project in an organized manner. So, a person should have some glossary of terms that might be helpful in PSD to HTML project and especially when you are a beginner then it will be very helpful to learn about the design to code process. Web development definitions are very helpful for the beginners whom they are creative and had a sense of designing and they are migrating from print to the web space.

So, to be a good developer one should keep learning. Some of the terms that will help you to achieve your goals should be known by you in order to tackle the problems that will be faced by you in the future. Some of the terms will be explained here that are very vital for the developer in order to understand the web more clearly and deeply.


Some of the terms are as follows.

  • PSD
  • HTML
  • Design To Code
  • Email Template
  • Bootstrap
  • WordPress
  • JQuery
  • Pixel perfect
  • Long page
  • Slice
  • W3 C

This is a process in which Photoshop design files which are generally known as PSDs are coded to HTML.


PSD usually stands for Photoshop design file. PSD is basically a web tool. It is widely used for web design and development and works perfectly in the design to code process.


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. One who wants to understand the web should understand HTML because it is the basic language of the web. This is a function that will help you to make your design as a website.

Design To Code

Converting visual files to the code is basically converting the design to code. All the design to code files not only include PSD files but in some other cases, other file types like PNG and Adobe illustrator file type are acceptable.

Email Template

The email template is a theme of reusable email. In this type of design email from templates are taken and they are coded just as with the need of a website.


It is basically a front-end framework that is powerful. Especially, it is very useful for those who are developing the applications or a group of people that are developing an application. It helps you to design in a consistent and reliable manner based on a user screen size. It may be a smartphone of different sizes so it is really helpful to work in such conditions.


It is one of the most powerful content management system (CMS) and very popular. It is SEO friendly and easy page templating. WordPress is one of the great choice as a platform for the beginners due to its simplicity and availability.


The most widely used library of JavaScript that is used to implement animations and different types of function i.e dropdowns, sliders, lightboxes etc.

Pixel Perfect

There are different methods to execute PSD to HTML process. This is one of the highest standards for execution of the PSD to HTML process.

Long page

In the modern design terms, there are often long pages with an aim to put as much information in it usually in horizontal sections.


Slice is usually generated as by cutting. This term is used for cutting up your Photoshop design in pieces. These are then put in order with the help of HTML and it is usually positioned by CSS.


This usually denotes World Wide Web Consortium. This is basically an international community that develops the standards to ensure the quality of the Web.

These are some of the terms that are explained above that relates to PSD to HTML development. More terms can also be added in order to understand the things more clearly.

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