Why Wordpress for web

WordPress is the simplest and the most cost-efficient way to create your blog or website. WordPress is a leader in web development around the world. For every four websites that you come across, WordPress powers at least one of them which comes around to be 39.5% of the total websites present currently on the world wide web. WordPress also provides one of the best content management software, it is open source so anyone with coding knowledge can change the software, make it better. WordPress development India is quite popular as it helps you make a breakthrough in your career.

Many positives make WordPress good for web development:


A startup does not need a cost of thousands of dollars for a website. This is where WordPress comes in. Your website can be hosted for free on WordPress.com. $100 in a year and you can get many additional features. This makes it an amazing deal.

Ease of Use

The management of a WordPress website is extremely easy. People with very less or even no coding background can learn to manage a website with some tutorials. Adding or creating new pages, copying images, and adding new posts on the website is extremely easy after you have done designing and implementing your website.


Templates are premade layouts; they enhance the appearance of your website. WordPress offers many great templates so that even if you do not hire a designer you can make your website look presentable. The templates contain built-in tools that help in solving many complex problems related to web development. The templates designed by WordPress are also mobile-friendly making it better for the users as most people in today’s world prefer to use their mobile devices.

Regular Updates

WordPress is open source software so many developers and coders are working all the time to ensure the safety and security of your content. Patches or upgrades happen very quickly. There are regular upgrades and the system is super responsive.

My SQL and PHP

The WordPress development company in India and all over the world can customize websites at any time. The code can be changed by the developers as WordPress is open source.

Built-in SEO and Search

A search bar is an important feature to have on your website. It helps the users to navigate easily through your website. The search function continues through all the web pages. SEO is a feature that helps you improve the traffic to your website, it is easy with WordPress as it lets you create URLs with keywords and tag your webpages.


WordPress is the best for bloggers, as it helps you keep all your content fresh. There are the latest updates that make your webpage align with the latest trends in the market. It makes content more presentable so that the visitor is constantly engaged in the content.

Content Management

WordPress provides a content management system(CMS) that helps in managing your website. WordPress helps you in managing the user access to your website, you can restrict what each user can do, each user has its limit regarding what he can change on the website. The simple CMS offered by WordPress helps you in adding additional CMS features with the help of various plugins.

WordPress gives you a platform as a beginner, you make mistakes that are easy to fix. The changing of an already built-in template is difficult, requiring great coding skills. So if you require a highly customizable website you need to go with HTML. WordPress has its strengths with SEO enabled webpages and more frequent updates if you find that to be something useful, you can always go for WordPress. The community of users for WordPress is large, happy, and satisfied, so if you wish to implement your website there is a large pool of people for support, people who have faced and overcome the same problems that are being faced by you.

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