Reasons for Wordpress CMS

In today’s time, it is essential to have a Website that helps you gain traction from your target audience and educate them about your business.

Website is an excellent way to connect with your audience by not only telling them about your services but integrating your products via content on your Website.

It could be used to create awareness about how they can use your services.

Having said about the content, a content management system is a platform by which you can give your dream business a real web outlook and add content to engage with your target audience.

We will talk about WordPress— the daddy of Content Management Systems that powers about 30% of the active Websites across the world.

If you hold a static and dead website currently, and freaked out with your falling sales numbers— we’d give you six different reasons to consider WordPress CMS.

#1 Customise your website— build a personalised online real estate

You must be thinking that your product or service has problems.

While it’s not true everytime. Despite great services and products, some great companies succumb. Why?

Because they have dead websites whose performances are choked by complex over-programming of the developers.

And guess what— you don’t even know that. The static websites are killing your sales and shrinking your conversation and you have been blaming yourself for it.

Given that your HTML websites are not giving you the output, you should consider WordPress CMS.

It is a user-friendly platform that is easy to be worked on that not only shoots up the traffic but skyrockets the conversion rates.

It comes with infinite numbers of themes, plug-ins, and tools, which makes it more enjoyable to use and helps you stand out from the competition.

The best part about WordPress CMS is that you have complete control over the supremely personalised website.

It has multi-user capability wherein you can be a part of the team and can keep track of the project through its dashboard.

The in-built dashboard keeps you updated on the projects shared earlier, and the ones to update in the future. You can be the master of the content— at your will.

Here is the dummy Dashboard which gives you a gist of how it keeps you updated on every move.

It makes it easy for you to see if there is any comment on your page which you can respond to in seconds if you don’t have a blog and social media manager.

Wordpress Admin Dashboard

#2 Divert your money in marketing your brand— let Wordpress take care of budget

Unlike your static website where you have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to get it customized, WordPress CMS comes with infinite numbers of in-built themes.

These themes are super-easy on your pockets. They give you an edge to change the appearance and layout as required without having to spend too much.

Of course, you can also get it customized by our experts, but that would still let you allocate the budget in marketing and other core issues.

When online marketing is the need of the market, a WordPress theme gives you leverage over the traditional Websites to cater fresh content.

You can update your Websites per the trends, holidays, festive season, promotions, etc. It makes you help build niche credibility.

Looking at Acumen’s example of how they have used the current situation to use and update their Website.

Marking your brand

That’s the power Wordpress hands over to the website owners— they can hit any marketing campaign in a few minutes— and they are off to a flyer.

#3 Build a strong user-base— make your website omnipresent

Have you been managing different codes for different devices? Mobile HTML for mobile, desktop HTML for desktop website? First, it could be really hard to manage, and second— you have no control over any channel.

Wordpress lets your users access websites across all the devices seamlessly, and you don’t even have to worry about managing its complexities with the help of Wordpress Development Compnay India.

build a strong user base

They can reach out to you through mobile phones as Wordpress has a special-heart in making extremely mobile-friendly websites.

A static traditional non-mobile-friendly Website will throw you at the bottom of the search results, hit an online footfall on your Website and overall conversion rates.

It also makes your Website adaptive for all the platforms— be it is desktop, laptops, or tablets.

WordPress also comes with default RSS feeds, which makes it easier for users to subscribe to your blog, helping you build a loyal database for the business.

And it can customize your feeds to improve functionality.

#4 Build a strong firewall around your website— nail your security

The worst part about existing static HTML websites is that they cease to grow in terms of security.

First, the codes are old. Second, there’s no way developers could prevent interceptions and thefts. And you could be its victim.

But despite being an open-source, WordPress has played an epitome of security, and its total user-base is the testimony of its safety.

WordPress takes care of security and continuously posts updates to protect your Websites from unauthorized access.

Apart from our exclusive security measures, WordPress dedicates a highly reliable security team that works towards improving security.

With cybercrimes and malware activities seeping into the online world, WordPress is the medicine we need with extravagant security plugins like Suciri Security.

Also, WordPress comes with an in-built password protection feature, which makes sure to keep your data secure.

Nail Down your wordpress security

WordPress also empowers you to manage spam messages which is unappealing to the audience that you cater to. And as far as we know— spam messages are pretty hard on your website ranking.

Just think of your existing static website— could you control the spam messages, are you able to clean up your brand rapport in the public domain? Absolutely no. WordPress does it for you.

WordPress CMS provides a feature to hide the data which can be only seen by the people whom you give access to and hence, protect it from any hackers.

#5 Hit the top tier in Google search result— make your website SEO friendly

Do you strongly believe that creating content and marketing them will rank your website on the search results?

Trust us— you could spend thousands and a bad website with slow page load will annul all the efforts.

You will rank lowest on SERP because your static website doesn’t have any scope to rank your page. Period.

Google needs dynamicity, optimized content! WordPress offers that.

The master-platform is an SEO friendly website-building tool that provides various features to optimize your website speed, and then content.

Getting ranked in Search Engines

In a nutshell— your website will create a brilliant customer-experience, thereby letting you garner the probable sales figures.

It has supremely-powerful built-in SEO plugins which give your website a notch over traditional websites for search discoverability.

Our expertise in building optimized WordPress themes behaves as a cherry on the top for making your website accessible and giving top-ranks in Google and Bing.

#6 Integrate with social channels— create a face of your brand on all platforms

Your traditional website may have been performing well, but it’s only a matter of time when users will start buying goods and services on social platforms.

With static websites, integrating social media has always been a tough nut to crack.

Result? You have no brand-presence on social media. Even if your web campaign does well, users can’t share their delights on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember, you want your users to speak about your brand— share your content, and act as word of mouth advocates.

With WordPress, you allow users to work on your reputation through social sharing. It plays a significant role in creating awareness about brands.

You need to have extensive reach on social media to scale up your business.

With the CMS giant— it is easy to integrate your website with your social media channels.

Sharing content on soical media websites

And that’s not it. WordPress Dashboard facilitates you with notifying comments on our page, and helps you create conversational channels with the like-minded audience or the potential-customers.

It also makes it easy to schedule your blogs with dashboard notification.

Building a community has become one of the essential features of social media while promoting any brands.

With WordPress having one of its own biggest communities which supports all business, it can build a community for you and your brands.

The Final Call

WordPress Development Company can help.

Are you still looking for reasons? Do you think it’s already too late?

Well, “the best time to plant trees was 20 years ago, but the second-best time to plant trees is today.”

Similarly, it would have been great had you switched to WordPress years ago, but that doesn’t change your power to re-furnish your website today.

Given the intensity of customization that WordPress gives without trading-off security is simply remarkable.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your wordpress website now. You are never late— if you decide it today.

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