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Thank you… Now keep reading as the next details are very valuable for you. More than 300K plus websites got effected due to SQL Injection Vulnerability by a report published by Sun Cyber Security Research.

How was the attacker targeting the sites?

The first step of any hacker (attacker) is to find popular plugins and check the list of bugs or know issues in the previous versions of the plugins.

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Now the hacker will find the websites that use this plugin and hack or attack the website and damage it.

What are SQL Injection and its causes?

SQL injection is an injecting malicious code in your database that can be used to damage your database and website. This caused because of bad or cheap coding done by the programmer.

Many programmers are not aware of standard coding and leave bugs in the code that are not visible on frontend but very useful for a hacker or attacker.

How to prevent SQL Injection attack

Preventing SQL Injection attack is very simple very few simple precautions like:

  • Keep updating your WordPress website
  • Keep all your plugins updated
  • Do not use keep orphan plugins
  • Regularly take a backup of Code, content, and database.
  • As your developer not to keep unnecessary comments.

The above is a simple measure that will keep your website up and running without interruptions. If you think that you don’t have time for website maintenance then hire me or any expert that can take care of website maintenance.

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The report was published SQL Injection attack was published at WebARX on May 19th, 2020.

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